imayou × 京洛工芸 コラボ 二畳TATAMI空間

京都のあたらしい生活空間提案ブランド 『imayou』と京洛工芸のコラボ商品になります。

写真は、『imayou』の 二畳TATAMI空間ですが、これに京洛工芸の塗装工芸技術がくわわり、




This is a collaboration product between “imayou”, a brand that proposes new living space in Kyoto, and Kyoraku Kogei.

The photo shows the two tatami mat TATAMI space of “imayou”, to which Kyoraku Kogei’s painting techniques will be added to create a unique space.

We will create a one-of-a-kind space.
Please contact us for price and delivery date.

2 tatami mats are literally the equivalent of 2 tatami mats, and the approximate size is

The approximate size of 2 tatami mats is 3.24 square meters, which is approximately 1.80 meters square (1.80m x 1.80m) for a square room.

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